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Sleeping Bras for Nursing Moms

I first discovered sleeping bras when I went into a maternity store looking for a nursing bra.
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The sales woman tried to sell me on one and I can tell you, I absolutely did not believe her. It sounded like the stupidest, most useless item I could purchase at the time. Well, I’m thinking she really didn’t know how awesome it was but rather just knew the benefits that she was told to recite to customers. I figured I would use a sports bra or no bra in the beginning since that seemed easiest right after baby gets home. I was wrong.

The sports bras hurt because they were too tight and my breasts were so heavy that it hurt not to wear a bra.  Now that I have a couple of sleeping bras and still use them, I can easily tell other moms why they are amazing.

If you’ve already had a baby then you may know what I’m talking about. If not then you may experience it later. For most moms there comes a day, a few after baby is born, that your milk comes in. When that happens everything can be very uncomfortable until your body regulates its milk supply and knows when baby is hungry (trust me it will come!). Going bra-less is painful, anything too constricting is worse. You need breastpads because you’re leaking uncontrollably. All of these things combined with a newborn’s need to constantly nurse can really take its toll on you.

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Here is why I love sleeping bras so much. They provide just the right amount of light support but still allow for proper circulation and healthy milk flow. They don’t put pressure on any milk glands but you can still place nursing pads in them to catch any milk. You’ll realize the greatest benefit in the middle of the night when you are woken up frequently because baby is hungry. The sleeping bras are made with a criss cross front and are the easiest bras to nurse in because all you have to do is pull one side down.

If you don’t have one and you are nursing or planning on nursing then I recommend you grab one today!


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