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Self Love Challenge – Beliefs

So how is your self love challenge coming along?
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Are you getting more comfortable with your Mirror Work (See Self Love Challenge – Connect With Yourself). Any insights during your times of connection with yourself?

There are lots of things that can try to block our path to self love. In my experience, our belief system can be one of the biggest roadblocks. We form conclusions based on our life experiences. Conclusions about others, but also about ourselves. I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine many years ago. At the time she was in her mid 40’s. She was describing some of her childhood experiences with her mother and said that her Mom always called her “dummy kid.” I could feel the tension and anger every time she used the phrase. She told me that she always believed she was dumb and then would expend a lot of energy trying to prove this belief wrong. Any of this ringing true for any of you out there?

As I work with women, one of the most common themes I see in their beliefs is that “I am not enough.” Think about how deep and wide this belief can travel. It can infiltrate everything in our lives. Most of them have never picked up the pattern that this belief has left in their life. They didn’t even know that this is what they believed. Hidden beliefs shape our thought processes, our personalities and our choices. To move beyond them, we must first find out what they are – and then question if it is really true.

Look back on the negative incidents that occurred in your childhood. Make a list. Once you have made a list of the ten most upsetting events – ask yourself the following questions to begin to expose some of your core beliefs.

  1. What belief was a  result of this event or experience?
  2. How long have I held this belief?
  3. Does this belief serve me anymore?
  4. Is this belief really even true? And what belief could I replace it with that would better reflect who I am today?

Keep up your mirror work – you can even incorporate some of your new beliefs into affirmations while you are spending your connection time with yourself. At the top of my list is always ” I AM ENOUGH.”

Self Love Challenge – Connecting With Yourself