Searching for White Elephant Gifts

Ah yes it’s that time of year again…
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HoLiDaY PaRtiEs!!!  I am super excited about my hub’s work party this year because….wait for it……wait for it…..IT’S A WHITE ELEPHANT PARTY!  I love parties AND white elephant gifts.  For those of you who don’t know what a white E party is here’s the L.D. (from Wikipedia)=

A white elephant gift exchange is a popular holiday party game found primarily in North America. It has many variations in both the name and the game play. Generally, white elephant parties need a minimum of six participants. With a larger group, game play may be more protracted. White elephant parties have been known to result in intensely vicious and/or playful rivalries between players trying to get sought after gifts. The goal of a white elephant party is usually to entertain rather than to gain. This game is sometimes called a Yankee Swap, Chinese Gift Exchange, Dirty Santa, Thieving Secret Santa, Parcel Pass, Pollyanna, or Christmas Swamp Thing.

Gifts are typically inexpensive, humorous items or used items from home. The term white elephant refers to a gift whose maintenance costs exceed its usefulness.Oncean order has been established, each person takes his or her turn choosing a gift. The first person picks a gift, opens it, and shows it to the rest of the company.  Then in turn, the participants choose to either unwrap a new gift or to “steal” a previously unwrapped gift. If a gift is “stolen”, the person who had their gift taken from them gets to unwrap any unopened gift; and then, the turn passes. When all the gifts have been opened, the game is over.  For more variants and details click here!

On with the fab-ness of this party.  I need two gifts for this shin dig (1 per person…so 2 per couple).  My first ‘gift’ is an “At home H1N1 vaccine” and it includes:

1 yellow rubber chicken (I found mine in the pet section @ Walmart)

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1 small packet Kleenex tissues

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1 germ-x hand cleaner

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Tie all of it together with some cute ribbon and poof…totally funny, wacky White Elephant gift!

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The next gift will for sure lead to giggles and maybe even hard core mother load laughter!  It’s “Fresh Pickled Heiney”.  I know right…totally a perfect gift.  These were quite popular about ten years ago, but now they are ‘fresh’ again.  😉

What you’ll need:

1 pair of women’s nylons


needle and thread (I used pink…it makes the …er…’crack’ and sews up the ‘back side’ total pun intended)

cotton fluff (pillow stuffing)

mason jar or empty pickle jar (cleaned)

white elephant clip art (for tag I got mine HERE…I used this same elephant for both gifts)

*Cut nylons into 3 inch squares.  Sew a circle using a running stitch.  Pull slightly to make a pouch.  Stuff with filling.  Pull strings tight and sew back closed.  Now take same thread and go from back to front in the middle of the stuffed bum to form a crack.  Knot and boo ya finished with your first buns.  Now make enough to fill jar.  You can also add sand for ‘beach bums’, or potporri for ‘smelly bums’.

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Anyone have awesome white elephant gifts to share????


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