Parental Perspectives

Girl Scouting impact the lives of girls in amazing ways.
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Parents and Girl Scout volunteers agree. Here’s what they have to say …

“Girl Scouts builds confidence within every girl and teaches them how to build healthy relationships with their peers. There is great value in the network of friends gained through participating in the program.” -Frank Bedolla

“Girl Scouts is worthwhile because it teaches leadership through adults and girls modeling positive behavior. We learn from each other and bond in a special way.” -Cathy Valerio

“Girl Scouts exposes girls to new things and provides experiences outside of their immediate neighborhoods. They are able to learn about other cultures and ways of life. Because of this, my daughter has more friends and has a greater understanding of diversity than I had at her age.” -Jeff Lucero

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“The Girl Scout Program builds self-esteem. My daughter is able to stay grounded in her self-image in this time of misleading portrayal of women in the media. Girl Scouting provides real women as role models for girls to follow instead of what they see in magazines or on TV.” -Nicole Lucero

“Girl Scouts is a very low cost activity but makes a wonderfully positive impact on girls’ lives. Your daughter will learn about team building and many doors and opportunities will be opened to her.” -Sonya Aleman

“Girl Scouts is open to all girls. It is a very good program and will build your family and community.” -Adriana Toledo

“Girl Scouts is awesome! It’s a safe and positive place for girls. There’s no better program available to our girls today. The skills they learn and the experiences they enjoy will stay with them for a lifetime.” -Nicole Lucero

“Parents should understand there is a great support network available to you in Girl Scouting. It’s challenging to raise your kids on your own and the skills the girl in your life can learn in Girl Scouts will help her develop into a strong, confident woman.” -Frank Bedolla

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