Nursing our money to formula

Hot topic.… Breastfeeding mothers.
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To each their own, everyone is different, everyone has their own opinion about it, I heard some guy in New York does….

Yes, we all know that a mother’s breast milk is best for their baby. Yes, we all try our best to nurse as much as we can. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Believe me, we WANT to nurse, formula ain’t cheap!! But like I said before, everyone is different, our bodies are different and we produce milk differently.

Nursing a child isn’t exactly free, you need nursing bras, breast pads, a breast pump, which can cost a pretty penny to. So, how can we save on formula if we just can nurse as long as we want or not at all. Sign up for ALL formula sites to get their coupons. (Similac, Enfamil, Every day family,Parents Choice). I received several  formula checks in the mail and at the end I didn’t need them so I asked the other mothers I knew of if they needed them, so they wouldn’t go to waste. I would either go by it for them, then they would pay me back or I’d just give them my coupons. Don’t just throw them out if you’re not using them anymore, there is someone else that may need to use them.

With these Facebook yard sale groups I’m on, I’ve seen a lot of ladies post their formula that they don’t need anymore.  Some are full cans, some are 1/2 empty. The 1/2 empty ones I would be a little leery of buying since I don’t know the person and for the safety of my child, but you can save and they’re usually selling them for cheaper.

As always, do what is best for you and your baby.

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