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Helpful Baby Shower Gifts

You get the baby shower invitation in the mail
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YEAH, you’re so excited, but now you have to think of what to get the mom-to-be. You don’t want to give her something she’ll never use, and you also don’t want to give her something she already has. Like… a ton of blankets, clothes, binkies, or burp cloths.  Yes, moms do get a ton of them, so what would be?

I pondered this question a lot before I had kids. Clothes are SO cute, but SO expensive and I’ve given clothes before and someone else got them the same thing. It wasn’t until after I had my first child that it dawned on me to give the new momma the items she needs but never gets.


Depending on when the baby shower is in relationship to when her due date is will determine how you do this. If the shower is a week or two before her due date, make her dinner in an aluminum pan. I buy them in bulk at Sams, it saves you money over time and you can use them to make your food ahead of time. Make a dish that will keep for a month in the freezer and then put aluminum foil on top, write on it with marker stating what it is, the temperature to bake at and how long to bake it.

If you want to be cute and cleaver, you can make her a coupon book. Coupons include Free baby sitting to go on a date night with your hubby, Dinner service on the date and time of your choice (dinner will be up to you), Get caught up on laundry day (you come in and help her catch up on laundry), I’ll clean while you sleep (You clean a few rooms while she catches up on some much needed ZZZZZ’s )

Of course, this also depends on how close of a friend you are and if you both feel comfortable doing this. I know sometimes people bring food in the first week after the baby is born, but after that…. the new mom will have YOUR gift in the freezer all ready to go.

My quick go to recipes for new moms….. Baked Ziti and Shepherds Pie.

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Baked Ziti: Sausage, Ziti noodles (I’ve also used elbow noodles before), marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Cook sausage until it’s done. Cook noodles till its done. Add everything together in the aluminum pan. Mix cheese in, then put cheese on top. Write directions– bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

Shepherds Pie: Hamburger, beans or corn, potato pearls or flakes, cheese, tomato sauce.

Cook hamburger until it’s done, drain grease, then stir in tomato sauce. Layer in aluminum pan: hamburger, beans or corn, potatoes, then cheese. Then cover it. Write directions– bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

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