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Diamond of Darkhold Book Club

We have a family book club where we take turns bringing three books for the “club” to vote to see which book we read nex
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That person is also responsible for planning the activities that go with that book at our following meeting. At our last book club meeting, we discussed The Diamond of Darkhold by Jennie DuPrau. We had the usual question; what was your favorite part of the book? It’s always interesting to me to hear what parts my children focus in on.

We have these really fun Charlie Brown encyclopedias our neighbor gave us. My first thought was they would be a little young for some of my kids, but we refer to them fairly often because they give little kid-sized snippets of many different topics. One of the topics in The Diamond of Darkhold was lightning. We read a few of the tidbits in the Charlie Brown encyclopedia about lightning. Did you know that every second of every day about 100 bolts of lightning strike some part of the earth?

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Next we drew a picture of a scene in the book and then described them. This was the most time consuming part, some of my children are really into drawing. I tried to draw a horse but it wasn’t turning out very good, so I went back to buildings.

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Finally we played a game called Sardines; it’s like Hide & Seek in reverse. One person hides and everyone tries to find them. When someone finds the hider, that person hides with them too, until there’s only one person left seeking. The remaining seeker is the hider in the next round. I enjoyed it much more than Hide & Seek. Who knew there could be so much strategy in seeking

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To end our meeting we had a little something sweet to share – a couple of Milky Way Darks. I was going to get Ring Pops, but it didn’t work out. Fortunately, I can usually work in a little chocolate to any activity!