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Clipboards to Control Kid Clutter

Once school started, paper clutter took over my countertops.
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What is the deal with that anyway? There are reading charts, spelling lists, chore charts, basketballl schedules, notes about what to bring for the Thanksgiving party…. It was getting out of control! I knew that we needed to have these papers in a place we could see and mark them easily, so I crafted up these little clipboards for each of my girls.

What you need:

Legal size clipboardScrapbook paperMod PodgeStickers for the child’s name, or cut them out yourself. I used my Silhouette.

How to:

Cut out the scrapbook paper so that it is slightly larger than the clipboard. I used two sheets per clipboard. Then, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the clipboard, cover it with scrapbook paper, and cover that with another thin layer of Mod Podge. Careful not to leave any bubbles! You can wrap the excess paper around the edges and over to the back side of the clipboard and Mod Podge it down too.

After it dries, add your stickers/letters for the name. Spread another thin layer of Mod Podge on top of that to keep it in place.

That’s it! Super easy, but it has made a world of difference on my counter!



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