Bathroom Bacteria Science Fair and Things We Do for Our Kids

I spent a couple of hours this past weekend pondering the things we do for our kids.
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Science Fair, Reality Town, History Fair, Thanksgiving, Mid Terms – the month of November was loaded with preparing for a variety of upcoming events. To top it all off, I got to stand guard outside several boys bathrooms while my daughter snuck in to swab the sink. Science fair is upon us and she decided to go to various local establishments and compare how dirty the men and women’s bathrooms were. Just getting our specimens resulted in a pretty funny couple of hours. I have to tell you it is really hard to look nonchalant when your daughter is in the boys bathroom and some man looks like he is headed for the door….

We ordered up some agar plates and some swabs off Amazon. We wrestled with which places to go – is there easy access the to bathrooms? How busy are they (we didn’t go to the mall because I couldn’t see her finding it empty)? Can anyone see her go in? Do we have to buy something so we can use the restroom etc? This was our thought process as we chose which places to go, which I think was very scientific of us.  During the course of our “experiment” we visited a craft store, a restaurant, a gas station, a park, a grocery store and a coffee shop. Several times she walked out of the bathroom gagging – which started me giggling. Needless to say, she never wants to see another urinal in her life.

By the way, the boys bathrooms were dirtier – we have the bacteria to prove it (and she took first place…).

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