Back to School Gift: Andes Mints

Back to School Gift: Andes Mints
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Most everyone is back to school and I don’t know about the rest of you moms, but I am liking my few hours of quiet. I’m actually getting a lot done during this time. My son came home from school and said that he LOVES his teacher and wanted to give her something, so we made her this..

Use any size mason jar you have at home. I used an old honey jar. Color the lid and grab a bit of twine or ribbon to tie on the note.  Type up a note that says, You were “MINT” to be my teacher, and last and don’t forget… the Andes Mints. Cost is under $5.00 and the teacher gets a nice treat when she needs it. Apples are good of course, but I’m thinking chocolate is better.

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