A Cool Map Giveaway

Maps. Have I mentioned how much I love them? Yes, I believe I must have at some point.
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Not only are maps educational, but there’s so much creativity to be had with them. The colors and styles are so vast, and the fact that they can be amazing art pieces is awesome!

I am currently a home schooling Mama, so maps are invaluable to me. I’m also an American Mama living in S. Africa, so U.S.A. maps are even more invaluable. I love my kids being able to see where they come from and where their relatives live. It keeps our heritage alive.

I recently received a USA New Century laminated map from Maps.Com. We.all.love.it. Seriously. My kids have unrolled it numerous times and laid it on the floor to see where different cities are. The other day they were huddled around with their friends talking about places they’ve been and lived. Excitement and education all wrapped into one. Awesomeness.

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I really love the rich colors in this map. It almost makes it look older (which I like), and that earthy tone is fabulous. I also love the detail. We were all quite surprised to find some Texas towns on there that we didn’t realize were big enough to make it onto a map!


How would you like to win your very own USA New Century map? Maps.Com has graciously offered one Today’s Mama reader the chance to win a 55×38 laminated USA New Century Map! (Check out more specs on the map here.) Giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only and ends Monday, April 1st at 1 pm CST when random number generator will choose one winner!

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Give Your Child The World This Christmas Giveaway

While it may be impossible to hand them the whole world on a silver platter, we can give them a love for it by introducing them to maps. Maps.com wants to help us fill our home with these educational treasures and is offering a giveaway worth $50!