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Which Hangers to Keep

Which hangers should you keep, which should you toss, and are wire hangers really that bad?
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I have a thousand different types of hangers in my closets. I hate all of them. OK, that's not true, I like the few nice wood ones and the velveteen ones I started buy a year or two ago.

Seriously, Faye Dunaway/Joan Crawford was totally right: No More Wire Hangers!

If you're confused about the type of hangers you need and which you should toss, I found this post on hangers over on the Mental Clutter Coach on best hangers. Go. Read. Reevaluate all your hanger choices.

From the Mental Clutter Coach

From the Mental Clutter Coach

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Frankly, her tip on minimizing the clothes pile in your house (oh, you know the one) is brilliant. Will be installing that ASAP.

My tip? Those velveteen hangers that you see for sale on TV? The ones that make me love my closet and treat it reverently? You can get the same ones, or similar ones, on serious deep discount at your local TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshalls/Steinmart if you keep an eye out.

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