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What to Do About Father's Day?

Do you have trouble figuring out what to do for the father in your life or do you have Father's Day down to an art? Share your best ideas on treating him!
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I was reading Josh’s great gift guide for dads last week, but still stymied for what to get for my husband for Father’s Day.

He’s impossible to buy for. He doesn’t want anything. If he does want something, he’s probably already bought it for himself (and that something is most likely a computer game.) He doesn’t read. Maybe he could use a tie? Soap-on-a-Rope? Do they sell 24 packs of Soap-on-a-Rope at Costco? Because that’s where I buy soap. The gift of service isn’t going to happen around here, either. I’m 9 months pregnant; I can barely move; there’ll be no lawn mowing or gutter cleaning on my part. Also, I’ll take that ice cold lemonade, thank you.

In fact, I’m not that great at planning Father’s Day, period. Call it my advanced maternal age, or the inability to plan ahead when walking around in my late pregnancy haze . I should step it up: he deserves just as nice a Father’s Day as I was treated on Mother’s Day.

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So I’m looking at you, dear readers, what are you best Father’s Day celebration ideas? Do you grill steaks? Go out to dinner? Take the kids so he has a break? What do you get for the man who wants nothing?

All I know is that gifting him Season 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, would be bad, right?


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