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Twins Give Birth To Twins (Again) In Same Hospital

A set of identical twin sisters managed to pull off a repeater.
 via the Salt Lake Tribune

via the Salt Lake Tribune


How cool is this? A set of identical twin sisters managed to pull off a repeater. Yes, I'm talking twins give birth to twins, TWICE, and at the same hospital (my sister had all her babies at this same hospital too, famous by association, it's a thing) only a few weeks apart.

Utah sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall each delivered their twins weeks ahead of their scheduled due dates and managed to do it within the same month too. Oh, they're also married to best friends, teach at the same school, and are building houses next door to one another. WHUT?

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 via KSL

via KSL

So let me clarify, each gave birth to one set of twins a few years ago and then did it again and within a few weeks of each other. In fact, all four of the latest newborn twin siblings and cousins were in the same NICU at the same time and in the same hospital. And then they're also cousins and neighbors too...

 via KSL

via KSL

This feels like some sort of magical wrinkle in the twin-iverse, twins give birth to twins, again! Double unicorn twins!



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