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Too Much Candy!

Saturday night I pulled out the bags and realized, with reverse panic, that I had way, way more candy than I needed. What do I do with all the leftover candy?!
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leftover easter candy

Sometimes this Easter Bunny gets a little anxious. (I am often paranoid about everything, including not having enough food stuffs: enough milk, enough bread, enough eggs, enough candy at Halloween or Easter.) I bought all the Easter stuff I'd need almost a month ago in one fell swoop and stashed it in a sewing closet. Saturday night I pulled out the bags and realized, with reverse panic, that I had way, way more than I needed. The boys picked their baskets from a pile at a thrift store and they were smaller than usual--also, they were pink.

If I was thinking ahead I could have partnered with another mom in my neighborhood and split the candy. They come in such big packs--6 marshmallow eggs? 12 bars of chocolate? A giant bag of empty plastic eggs? I have 2.5 kids who probably don't need any more sugar. Now I'm left with bags and bags half-filled with chocolates, Sweet Tarts, and marshmallowy junk.

What do I do with all the leftover candy?

I don't have an office where I can bring it.

I could eat it, but I don't even like candy that much anyway.

I don't want to eat it.

Could I throw it away? Eeek! The thrifty in me can't bear the waste!

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Make a collage?

Irresponsibly keep feeding it to my kids?

Allow my husband to eat it all (NO.)

Save it up to throw at annoying neighbor kids?

Crush it all (tart, sweet, peanut, marshmallow) to mix with Coke to make a candy stew?

Drop it off at your house in the middle of the night?

Fill the leftover eggs and toss them at college students?

Help me! What do I do with all this candy?


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