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This Kind of Summer Travel is NOT Kid Friendly (and we’re good with that)

Sometimes it's best to leave the kids at home. This summer may be one of those times.
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For the last few weeks of school, all anyone can talk about is where your family is headed once that final bell rings. And, inevitably, you’ll answer with your plans to take the kids, uh, wherever the hell it is they’re dragging you this year. (How did they get put in charge of summer vacation anyhow?)

But might I suggest a few types of travel this summer where you ditch the kids at Grandma’s and strike out with only other grownups? No packing more diaper bags than suitcases, no fighting tired toddlers in airports, no obnoxious teenagers taking more pics for Instagram than one could possibly post…

Oh, you’re convinced? Okay, here we go:

The Loooove Boat

It’s the all-important cruise to reconnect with your significant other. Like, reconnect reconnect. You know…reconnect. Yeah, you get it. Plus, you can talk about things other than kids and remember that you are in fact a worthwhile and semi-cool human being even when no one is hanging from your legs crying about a fruit rollup.

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The Girls Trip

That’s right, you DO have grown up friends still! And you know where you should take them? Disneyland. Now, personally, I’d rather die than stand in eternal lines with trillions of other people, swassing up a real slick storm—hard pass. But apparently there’s really something to hitting the most magical place on earth with your best GFs instead of your whiney kids. Check out the legit evidence here.

The Couples Getaway

An oceanfront cottage in Maine? Maybe a little Airbnb outside Prague. You choose the destination—near or far, but grab your best couple friends and live it up like you’re back in college. Stay out late, be a little reckless—the kids will never have to know!

Mama Goes Solo

Whether you’re a weekend-at-the-spa kind of mama or a backpack-the-Pacific-Crest-Trail kind, the key is—fly solo. Take hours doing your hair and makeup just to read your book on the hotel balcony, sleep in til noon, go dancing til dawn. Whatever it is you WANT—do that thing. You deserve it, mama. And you deserve to do it without worrying about whether or not you deserve it. Because you do. I promise.


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