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The Enormous Egg Book Club

The Enormous Egg Book Club
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The Enormous Egg is a book that has been in print longer than I’ve been alive, but somehow my kid introduced it to me instead of the other way around.  The premise of the book is a dinosaur hatched out of a hen’s egg.  It’s a fun story that leads to a lot of “what if” questions.  Parts of the book made me realize how jaded I’ve become living in today’s world.  I kept thinking, how could the parents be so trusting?  Oh yeah, it was the 50′s and it’s a fiction book!

The main character, Nate, spends a lot of energy at the beginning of the book taking care of the over-sized egg to see if it will hatch.  We talked about how much time and energy each of us would be willing to sacrifice to take care of an egg that may or may not hatch.  Then we reviewed all that Nate was able to do because he kept up with his egg even though it was inconvenient.

We played a matching game to figure out which skeleton went to which animal.  Then we did a worksheet about how congress passes laws, because this book goes from the farm all the way to Washington D.C.  Next, we cut out and colored the cute paper triceratops.  Finally, I filled plastic Easter eggs with random items.  The kids shook them and guessed what would “hatch” out.  The last egg could be jellybeans or if you can find them,  a Cadbury egg!