Teen Style 101, Part 3

Teen Style 101, Part 3.
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This is part III of the service project my girl scout troop was working on for their Media Journey (journeys are like badges, but are new on the scene the last couple of years).

As we were discussing what to do for their project the girls said, “Let’s do hair and makeup makeovers.” I told the girls that the hair and makeup thing were so overdone. Everyone is worried about what they look like from the neck up. What about from the neck down? Someone needs to give some of these girls some tips on how to dress these days. Well my girls and Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions took on the challenge.

Tressa talked to the girls about what she calls Style Personality, followed by colors (in part I), body shape, the right size and finally the style makeover challenge (in part II). Finally in part III show the choices the girls made and how Tressa talked them through those choices. I really don’t want to think about sitting in the dressing room waiting for 2 teens and one tween. Can’t they have mini Barnes and Noble’s in all of the department stores?