Summertime Homemade Dog Treats

Summer time is Ice cream and Popsicle treats for the kids.
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But what about your dog? We’ve had our dog for over a year and the only treat we’ve given her are Begg’n strips and even though I’m okay with them, they’re just not that much fun in the summer time. So, I did some research on homemade treats for dogs and found one that even the kids could eat. YES…. I said, even your kids can eat these.

Here we go…..

Get a 32 Oz of yogurt. Plain or Vanilla is good. Dump it in a bowl.

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Next, get a large banana, 2-3 table spoons of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of honey.

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Mix all together with a blender. Yummy goodness already.

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Then get some ice cub trays. Your dog might not care what they look like… My kids love stars, so I found a set of 2 star ice cube trays at Walmart for $1.50

You’ll pour the mix into the ice cube trays and then put in your freezer.

Here is the fun part for the kids. These are healthy and just the right size. Freeze for 10 minutes then put a tooth pick in the center of the ones for the kids.

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After they’re frozen, get a Tupperware container and store in your freezer to get out whenever the kids and your pooch want a nice refreshing treat.

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Our Dog…She also LOVES to play soccer.

Check out my Pinterest page for more fun doggie treats that I’ve found.


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