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Summer Time and Bedtime

Do your bedtime hours and rules change during the summer? Can your kids roll with more flexibility?
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Oh, Bedtime Hours!

I admit that I’m a hard line bed timer. I was raised by hard line bed timers and I am doing the same thing with my kids. They’re in bed by 8pm on school nights, if not earlier. In that awkward stage between giving up the nap and ability to act like a human until 8pm, I’ve been known to put them down for the night at 6pm.


I remember having to go to bed while it was still light, hearing other neighbor kids playing, and sneaking books into bed to read.

But now I’m the mom. Things feel like they should be a little faster and looser with bedtime during the summer. In our neighborhood the kids are out running late, often past dark. I haven’t let my older kid out yet because I don’t think he can handle it--he’s an early riser, often up before 7am, no matter what time he goes to bed. If he doesn’t get his sleep, he’s a grumpy wreck.

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I don’t let my younger kid out, because although he could hang with staying up late and sleeping in, he’s 4, and I’m not completely irresponsible. When I try to test the boundaries and let them both stay up late, they’re horrid the next day--and back to 8pm bedtime we go.

Do your bedtime hours and rules change during the summer? Can your kids roll with more flexibility?



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