Style: Rhinestone Flats

I've been trying to buy flats instead of heels for running around everyday, but flats can be so boring. Then I found these rhinestone flats!

I've been trying to be better about buying flats instead of heels for running around every day, but flats can be so boring. Enter these champagne colored rhinestone flats from Target!

Girls, you know me, never met a sparkle I didn't want to wear, and these are no exception.

rhinestone flats

I literally picked these rhinestone flats up a week ago when I saw them in the store. Had to have them, and I've been wearing them almost constantly. I wear them with a maxi dress or with cuffed jeans. The baby loves them so much she keeps bending over to eat them. I won't tell you they're supportive (they're not) and that I'm not scared about when they get wet (they're fabric,) but they SPARKLE, so lay off.

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