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Spray Painting Wrought Iron Furniture

I've had some rusty looking wrought iron furniture staring at me from my backyard for years now. It came with the house. And it came from 1960-something.

Wrought Iron Furniture

2 things inspired me to give my wrought iron table and chairs an upgrade:

  • My friend Anna (@ohhhbetsy) told me I should spray paint it turquoise. Genius, I hadn't even considered spray paint!
  • I saw this picture on Pinterest and it gave me the inspirational direction I needed:
spray painted folding chairs

Spray painting is my new favorite thing! It gives things an instant makeover, is inexpensive, and fairly simple. Here's how we did it:

Spray Painting Wrought Iron Tip #1: Picking the Colors

I wanted the exact same colors in the picture above. I was surprised however to find the fairly limited selection of spray paint colors available at the home improvement store. I expected lots more options. I wasn't in the mood to wait and I didn't even think about searching online (heaven forbid). In one quick Google search I did find this great site that has loads of color options: Krylon

Note: choose from the matte finish colors. They look better.

Spray Painting Wrought Iron Tip #2: Sand It

You need to make sure you give iron furniture (or iron anything) a light sanding before you put anything on it. You can use a sponge block sanding pad like these little guys from 3M.

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Spray Painting Wrought Iron Tip #3: Wash It

My husband insisted that we didn't need to spray the furniture down but I didn't want little dust flecks and spider webs sealed into my furniture with spray paint. I sprayed all of the furniture down with the house and let it dry completely before we applied primer.

Spray Painting Wrought Iron Tip #4: Prime It

We sprayed a light coating of primer on the chairs since they were all ready a red color that we wanted to hide completely.

spray paint primer on wrought iron furniture

Spray Painting Wrought Iron Tip #5: Painting

In order to NOT spray paint our lawn a festival of colors (and to save our backs from hunching over) we put the chairs up on saw horses.

Saw Horse

Finished Product

purple and green wrought iron chairs
wrought iron paint
red wrought iron table

Voila! Indeed, this is the first time in my life I have felt like a DIY Goddess. Bust out the spray paint and you can too!

Step By Step Painting Wrought Iron Furniture


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Spray Painting Wrought Iron Furniture

I’ve had some rusty looking wrought iron furniture staring at me from my backyard for years now.


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