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Smart Klean Laundry Ball Review and Giveaway

Washing clothes with no detergent? It sounds absurd!
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That’s exactly what the Smart Klean Laundry Ball claims to do….for A WHOLE YEAR! I stumbled on this product a couple months ago through another awesome blog  and I HAD to get my hands on one.

Well, I did get my hands on a Smart Klean laundry ball  as well as one of their cool stain sticks made of 100% natural ingredients and it lasts foooorever. I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE both products! I’ve been working on simplifying my life, spending less money and getting rid of unhealthy things in my life and my family’s. Because I was cloth diapering, I was always on the lookout for detergents that were safe for my diapers and for my family. This is exactly what I needed…

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What is the Smart Klean Laundry Ball and how does it work?

The smart klean ball is made of thermoplastic elastomer. Inside the ball are four types of mineral-derived ceramic beads and two magnets. When these components come in contact with water, they make ‘oxygenated’ water and increase the pH level which helps to clean and discinfect your clothes. You can click HERE to learn about each of the components.

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The money you save isn’t only from eliminating laundry soap from your grocery list. The Smart Klean Laundry Ball cleans in cold water (washing in hot water is not recommended), because there are no suds there is no need for a rinse cycle which saves about 2000-8000 gallons of water, the ball eliminates chlorine and is gentle on your clothes which makes them last longer (although I LOVE shopping). I have to a say that I broke the first one somehow. I think the hubby washed it in hot water and it just ended up looking lopsided but the company sent me a replacement in a couple days. It’s been about a month now and it’s working great.

I was so excited to use the ball, I washed everything! Towels, kids clothes, husbands work clothes, the doggie bed (ok, so that didn’t fit so well in my machine) Everything was clean and smelled fresh. Not perfume clean, I mean for real clean…and soft.

My little guy potty trained a couple months ago so I missed the chance to try it on his cloth diapers. So, I went over to a friends house to do a couple loads of  diaper laundry and to put the stain stick through the ultimate test….newborn poop! You know, the yellow stuff that stains EVERYTHING!!!

So it seems that they washed best with a pre-rinse first and then a full wash. Cold water worked just fine and the diapers came out clean! Check out what the Stain Stick removed!

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Then I figured the review wouldn’t be complete without trying the laundry ball in a high efficiency front loader so I found another friend with a HE washing machine and she loved it too! Cloth diapers and all 🙂 Here are some pictures of her laundry (her baby is in the spaghetti stained t-shirt phase)

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I think that’s pretty awesome 😀

In conclusion, I think this little ball is full of awesomeness and I highly recommend everyone give it a try. I’m hoping it really does all my laundry until March 2014! Wanna give it a try? Here’s your chance to win a Smart Klean Ball and Stain Stick.


Disclosure: I received a laundry ball and stain stick to sample in exchange for this review.  The winner will receive their prizes directly from Smart Klean. All of these statements are true and are my own.


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