Savvy Family Book Club

I’ve wanted to read our latest family book club, Savvy by Ingrid Law, ever since I first saw its cover.
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It didn’t matter that I had no idea what it was about. So much for that not judging a book by its cover thing!

Mississippi Beaumont, nicknamed Mibs, is about to turn thirteen and receive her special unknown power that comes to all her family members on their thirteenth birthdays. They never know what it will be; one of her older brothers is learning to control his power over electricity while her other brother whips up a storm whenever his power gets out of control.

A few days before Mibs’ birthday, her father ends up unconscious after a ten car pileup.  Mibs hopes her power, or savvy, will be the ticket to waking up her father. Her hope gets a little out of hand when she stows away on Lester Swan’s bus that he uses to sell pink bibles. Next thing Mibs knows, she has two of her brothers and the preacher’s kids caught up in an out of control misadventure.

For our book club, we started off with a discussion of our favorite parts. The various savvies were at the top of the list, along with some of the interesting characters the kids met along the way. My favorite part was Mibs’ emerging puppy love. Some books with young main characters feel childish and don’t hold my attention. This isn’t one of those books!

In the spirit of stowing away, we played a few rounds of Sardines. It’s like backwards hide and seek, one person hides and everyone looks for him. When someone finds the hider, they hide near him (so they are kind of packed together like sardines). The last one to find the hider is it and hides next. Then we played a couple of rounds of traditional hide and seek for fun.

In the middle of the book, there’s a trip to the Mega Mega Mart for snacks and essentials. We had our own Mega Mega Mart refreshment with cookies and chocolate while we chose our next book.


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Hoot Book Club

We switched gears from our last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.