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San Francisco Weekend Getaway

I have never been on a girls getaway just for pure pleasure.
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The kind where you don’t have a schedule, obligations, or people to clean up after. Then my friend turned 40, her husband surprised her, and three of us with a trip to San Francisco. He treated us! He wins hubby of the year award, and then some. The man also has a phenomenal taste. The hotel, and all the restaurants were his picks. After trying them all, let’s just say, wherever he suggests, I’ll go eat.

This San Francisco weekend getaway was epic. On our first night in the city, we were treated to a dinner at Rue Lepic. An adorable French restaurant known for their seafood pasta. I know it’s totally impolite to lick a plate when you’re done, so I did the lesser rude thing, which is still rude, but my belly didn’t care. I swabbed it all up with the perfect baguette. Hopefully, they’ll let me go back, because I need more. While there, take a peek into their tiny, restroom. It is so cute.

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The next day we walked to Union Square and then Chinatown. My absolute favorite dim sum place is Yank Sing. It’s pricey, but so worth it. This trip, we tried a recommendation from my friend’s hubby. We had a fantastic dim sum lunch at New Asia Chinese Restaurant. If you’re in San Francisco for lunch, and you don’t go out for dim sum – I don’t know if we can be friends. The key to finding a good place, check out the clientele. If it’s packed with Chinese people, you’re in a good restaurant. If not, forget about it. Dim sum is a lunch thing. So, if you’re late, you’ll miss it.

My masseur suggested another dim sum place, City View Restaurant, which I’ll be trying next time I’m in the city. I could eat dim sum every day.

That evening we also enjoyed an Italian meal at Perbacco in the Financial District. I love scallops, but my friends were having food-gasms over the butternut squash ravioli. I would like to tell you how good it was, but they would’ve sliced my hand off if I tried to take one, that’s how good it was. I enjoyed the burnt caramel and sea salt gelato. Loved every last bite.

Mama Mia is playing at the Orpheum through March 4th, so we caught a show Friday evening. Made us all want to dance. Kaye Tuckerman, who plays Donna Sheridan in Mama Mia, made me do a double take. Her look in the musical, and her mannerisms were startlingly similar to one of my favorite comediennes, Kristen Wigg.

Saturday was blissful. My friend’s husband treated us to a day at Nob Hill Spa. We had facials, massages, mani/pedis and a delcious spa lunch. I have never been so relaxed.

That night we decided to hit Osha Thai Restaurant on 3rd Street. There’s quite a few Osha Thai restaurants if you check Yelp. The place had the coolest vibe. It’s lounge-like. The guys who serve are just fun dudes. The food is delicious. The four of us don’t drink, but we wanted to order some fun drinks. When we asked our server if we could have virgin drinks, he seemed utterly flummoxed. The bartender did a great job, and it became a running joke all night.

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We had leftovers that night. My favorite thing to do when you have delicious leftovers, and you don’t have a fridge, is to ask the restaurant for plastic utensils, and pass the food to someone you see who could use a good meal.

Our last day on Sunday brought us to Canteen. A little breakfast eatery, that you actually have to make reservations. I always order my standard eggs Benedict. One of the ladies ordered the blueberry pancakes. I tried it. The sauce is perfect. Not overly sweet, very natural.

Of course. We had to hit up Tartine. The line was about 30-40 minutes long, but then I bought a slice of their coconut passion fruit cake, some chocolate croissants, morning buns, and a bowl of their apple brioche bread pudding to take home to my family. Worth it.

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One of the best San Francisco weekend getaways I’ve had in a long time.

What about you? Have you done a girls getaway weekend? Or are you a lucky couple that has family, or friends that can take care of the kids for you? Where do you go? What are you favorite haunts?