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Raising Backyard Chickens

I really, really want to get chickens for our backyard. My husband does not quite agree that this is a good idea. In fact, I'm pretty sure he thinks that I'm insane. He somehow seems to feel that people with two kids and two somewhat unruly dogs, just don't need to add chickens to their lives. But even with all our craziness, I'm feeling a pull towards those chickens.

Click here to read a quick how to guide on raising backyard chickens. There's even a cute little list at the end that shows some of the different breeds of chickens and what to expect from their plucky little personalities. Not only would your fresh egg delivery be very popular in the neighborhood but studies have shown that backyard chickens lay nutritionally superior eggs compared to those mass produced eggs you're picking up at your local grocery store. Think of all the fertilizer! Your garden would be SET.

One thing is for sure...if we ever do decide to get chickens for our backyard, that really seals the deal on my vegetarianism. Having little Plucky Pearl as a chicken pet should certainly cure any Kentucky Fried Chicken cravings.

Photo from Stock.xchng1376695

Photo from Stock.xchng1376695

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