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Quilt Making - From Zero to Hero!

Artist, Emily Falconbridge, tries her hand at quilting. With glorious results. See her step-by-step photos here.

I grew up with a quilt-a-holic mother, Yep, we would often eat our dinner picnic-style on the floor due to the table being taken over by scraps of fabric. I’d sometimes home from school to find the house full of cackling women, hunched around snipping and sewing and telling all kinds of stories (hence the cackling). I thought they were mad and quickly escaped to my room before they reeled me in to join them (which they tried to do more than once). My mother tried on many occasions to interest me in this beloved hobby of hers but I wouldn’t have a bar of it!

That is…until…a few weeks ago I was browsing a fabric store and saw a design that made my insides jump with deliciousness. It was fabric so cool, so yummy, and so…so expensive! I could never buy enough to make a skirt or curtains (which is what I really wanted it for), but I just had to get some! Half a yard? I could justify that! So what to do? Maybe – just maybe I’d try making my first ever quilt – something simple using this awesome piece of fabric as the feature, and some less expensive bits and pieces to go with it.

Having never been one to make anything with precision, I’d figure this pup out on my own – my own way!

So over the past few weeks I snuck time here and there to work on my little quilt – a gift for my baby who is soon to turn one. I’d cut, sew…sew…cut! It wasn’t without frustration (or the odd swear-word I’ll admit), and at one point a desperate plea for help (Ma? How do you put this thing together?!!) via the web-cam – but when this quilt of mine finally came together I was ready to sing from the rooftops in glee!

Here’s my photo journey of making my very first quilt (minus the hissy fits and angry faces!), I hope it will provide amusement to those esteemed quilters out there, and perhaps a bit of motivation to those of you wanting to try it for the first time too.

quilt copy
quilt2 copy
quilt3 copy
quilt4 copy
quilt5 copy
quilt6 copy
quilt7 copy
quilt8 copy
quilt9 copy
quilt10 copy
quilt13 copy
quilt14 copy
quilt15 copy
quilt17 copy
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quilt18 copy
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quilt25 copy
quilt26 copy
quilt27 copy
quilt28 copy
quiltfinished copy
quiltsmall copy

Whilst making it I swore I’d never make a quilt again in my life.

Now – I’m already planning the next TWO!

Emily :)


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Quilt Making – From Zero to Hero!

Quilt Making – From Zero to Hero!


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