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Pottery Studio

I found something that all the girls in my family enjoy besides reading – painting pottery.
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It’s so cool choosing that plain white piece that serves as your canvas, whether it’s a plate, a box or even a frog shaped piggy bank.  I guess that would be a froggy bank.

Since it’s not what I consider cheap, it was a rare treat to spend the afternoon at As You Wish.  If you sign up for their emails you can get some decent coupons and every little bit helps.  As You Wish does charge a studio fee; but their pieces are less expensive than other pottery studios that don’t charge a fee.  All things considered, both types of studios end up at about the same price point.

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Choosing what to paint took almost as long as actually painting it.  I was planning on painting a sun wall hanging for my mom’s birthday; apparently suns are seasonal, even here in Arizona.  So I opted to paint a plate with a southwest scene on it.  It wasn’t quite as cool as what I had pictured in my head, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Actually, that’s the way it goes pretty often.

We were all pleased with how our pieces turned out.  The best part of the day was spending time being creative together.  We asked each other’s opinions for which color to use here, or what technique to use there.  When it comes to creative ventures, I always like bouncing ideas off others.  It seems that how the best ideas come out!  When weren’t talking paints and colors, we were just talking.  There are not many things that make a day better than bonding with my girls!


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Paint With GNosh Studios!

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