New Front Yard: Modern Landscape Design Plan

The plan my landscape designer created include unusual touches, a solution to the house's architecture, and bold colors!
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This summer we're re-doing our front yard from a boring mess, with variations on green and tedium, to a cool, drought-tolerant, modern landscape design.

I decided what was most important to me in a new yard (native plants, bright colors, unusual look,) and then worked with a landscape designer to come up with a plan. When my designer, Jennifer, presented me with her design, I nearly passed out from the awesome...

small landscape design plans for tm

Jennifer decided that my house, with its heavy mansard roof, needed a landscape that could anchor the home. She designed symmetrical, curving beds that are deep enough to keep the roof in check, while playing off the right angles of the house. We'll be losing almost half the current lawn, and I could not be more OK with that decision. I was surprised that we wouldn't have any flower beds at the front of the pathway, but that makes sense, it allows all the impact to rest in with the house. The flanks of our yard will have new, mirrored beds.

The plan allows you to see, approximately, what the colors will look like with the new plants and layout. And speaking of plants, here are several of the plants we'll be using to create a truly beautiful yard.

modern landscape plants

From the top, left to right: Red hot poker, husker red penstemon, munstead lavender, blue fescue, orange california poppy, black lace elderberry, wine cups, black hens n chicks, blue flax.

What do you think?

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