Muppets Most Wanted Party Ideas

It's time to play the music and light the lights for the Muppets Most Wanted party ideas!
Muppets Most Wanted Party Ideas

Muppets Most Wanted opens this Friday, so of course it is time to play the music and light the lights. This is going to be a hot theme this season so let me inspire you with a few fun and colorful party ideas.

The Muppets Most Wanted colors and shapes are absolutely the BEST for boys and girls alike.Punchbowl has a new line of Disney-themed digital invitations, including this exclusive digital Muppets Most Wanted invitation that features Kermit, Miss Piggy, and more. It can be customized and shared via email and social media.

Perhaps you have a favorite Muppet? Focus the party in its colors...for example, get a few Kermit ideas from my Kiss Me, I'm Green party. It has great ideas you can easily duplicate.

Decorate in fun, rainbow colors by blowing up balloons and attaching them to the walls; Mom Tog did a fabulous job and adding streamers and confetti was genius.

Put on a show with's Muppet Hand Puppet free downloads.

Healthy can be fun! Let the kids make Fruity Go-GURT Love Parfaits from Betty Crocker.

Send them home with treats in these easy to make Muppet bags from The Chic Site.


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