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Mother's Day: Love It or Hate It?

Is Mother’s Day just another stupid day or do you happily take the veneration in stride?
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In the past couple years I’ve heard more and more of my friends complaining that they hate Mother’s Day.

They say that the expectations are too high; they don’t like the way moms are glorified to an extent that makes being human AND a mom impossible. They don’t like the industry and marketing around the holiday. In churches and schools there are programs and prizes that seem to make the day more difficult instead of really celebrating Motherhood.

There’s even a realization that their own expectations are dashed when they’re still doing all the cooking, cleaning, wiping, stocking, and fight-breaking on Mother’s Day, just like every other day.

I’m not sure I agree.

I admit it: I take Mother’s Day with a big pat on the back. So what if we work our tails off all year and get one measly day as recognition. So what if there have been so many other “appreciation days” that Mother’s Day seems to swim in a sea of other days. I like the stupid crafts the kids make at school (yes, I want to throw them away immediately, but don’t.) I like the sermons at church and the little gift moms usually get from the congregation. I like that my kids and spouse try to make the day special; I get to sleep in, take a nap, and not actually do a lot of mothering on that day.

Do they miss the mark? Of course. Do I take what I can get, you bet.

What about you? Is Mother’s Day just another stupid day or do you happily take the veneration in stride?


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