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Moms with Gauged Ears

Moms can have gauged ear lobes right? Of course they can!
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I remember the first time I saw my brother with gauged ears almost 10 years ago. I thought he was absolutely crazy. Not only was it completely new to me, but he gauged them to some humongous size that HE didn’t even know what size they were back then. I was having to find him plugs and eyelets in the states since he lives in Guam and they didn’t have anything for him at the time. The picture below is a better idea of what size his ears are now and I think they’re awesome. Not for me, but I think they look totally rad on him.

Well, fast forward a couple years and I started dabbling with the thoughts of stretching my own lobes. I knew I didn’t want to go as big as my brother because I just didn’t want to, it wasn’t my thing. I wanted to keep them pretty small so that I could take them out and close them if I wanted to without having to go under a knife (yikes!) My ears were already beginning to stretch because of all the heavy dangles I used to wear and the frequent pulling off of hoops by my son, so I think I started at a 14g or maybe a 12g.  It’s uncomfortable but it shouldn’t be excruciating…it should be done gradually and patiently as to not break skin and risk infection. Whether people follow those instructions or not is the real question.

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After a couple of weeks I made it to a 4g and decided to stay that size. Boy, that didn’t last long, then I jumped to a 2g and I have been there for a couple years now. I’m starting to itch for a bigger size but the thought of wasting my beautiful earrings makes me sick. By the way, if you’re looking for earrings for gauged ears or even fakers, you have to shop with this gal! PEACH TREATS – she’s the bomb, I love everything she makes and she’s LOCAL! I found Peach Treats at the SLC farmers market over a year ago and I just fell in love with her work. Support local artists yo! Seriously, her products are amazing.

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The cute pair in the above photo are a collaboration between Peach Treats and Kumiko’s Origami Jewelry. Another very cool local artist!

I haven’t had anyone ask me why I’ve stretched my ears but if they did the answer would just be, “Because I like the way they look. ” It’s for the same reasons that girls get their ears pierced in the first place…I think they’re pretty. It’s a fun way to express yourself.

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