Miso Harney for a Date Night

Miso Harney for a Date Night
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Date nights are few and far between these days, with my husband’s busy work schedule and, you know, kids and all, but occasionally — once every two to three weeks — we find a night free to sneak away for dinner and maybe a movie, and our favorite destination as of late is Harney Sushi, just a few miles up the coast from us in Oceanside.

Harney Sushi is a sleek, trendy, nightclub-like sushi restaurant with kickin’ sushi and rockin’ beats. On the weekends, a DJ actually spins records, though you may not recognize any of the music if you born after 1992, but then again, if you are that young, this place might not be for you anyway.

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I kinda feel like we were MFEO, Harney and me.

Here are the reasons I love Harney Sushi:

  1. They’re open & serve dinner til midnight on Thursdays – Sundays (the Old Town location is open til midnight all week) so it’s perfect for a post-movie dinner date.
  2. There’s a club-like vibe that makes me feel young and trendy.
  3. They play funky, old-school hip hop (on weekends its played/spun by a DJ with real records).
  4. The food is divine (my favorite is the Orange Crush roll suggested by Sugar Jones).
  5. They serve my favorite chardonnay, La Crema.
  6. They put Rice Krispies on the house salad. Boom!

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a family restaurant though I have seen several families there on the nights when we’ve dined there. But since it’s got that sleek, sexy vibe, I would leave the kids at home and hit it up on date night.

Harney Sushi is located at 301 Mission Ave. (at Cleveland), Oceanside, CA 92054. They are closed from 3:00-5:30pm every day of the week and are not open for dinner on some weeknights so check their site before you go.