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Love, Love, Love!

I love to love – don’t you? It really is the nicest feeling in the world – and with February being the month of love, it’s easy to be reminded of those and that which you love and adore!

I love to love – don’t you? It really is the nicest feeling in the world – and with February being the month of love, it’s easy to be reminded of those and that which you love and adore!

I create for love. I scrapbook for love. I love my family. I love our life. I love telling our story and cherishing our memories. I love expressing my love on my page or project. I love feeling that love flood back when I look through my albums, or when I see my daughter pouring over the pages. I love creating with my daughter. I love doing something meaningful with my pictures. I love making gifts and showing my love to others. I love love!

This month, why not create something out of love for yourself of those around you? A scrapbook page documenting your feelings or love declaration, a mini album dedicated to the one you love, cards to send a message of love, a decoration for your home to remind you of what is most important.

I created this heart shaped book to fill with my ‘love’liest photos and expressions for my family. It was simple to make, and didn’t require a lot of ‘products’ – my favorite combination when creating!

I cut 2 heart shapes from acetate (available from an art supply store, or you could use some leftover plastic packaging you may have at home already) and stapled bits of ribbon around the edges to form covers for my book. I stamped the word ‘love’ with paint onto the acetate.

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The pages were cut slightly smaller in the same shape from cardstock (plain and patterned) and hold photos, love notes and other fun things.

To bind it together I simply punched 2 holes and looped metal book rings through the holes (available from office supply stores) – I keep the book hanging from a hook in my ‘studio’ to make me happy and remind me of how lucky I am.

Something else I am completely in love with right now is kits! What a smart way to create…you can buy a kit of cleverly and tastefully put together products and be ready to pump out some magical creations with just your basic tools and your kit in hand! I had my first taste of kit magic this month when I was asked to be a guest designer on, a very cool monthly kit site.

With scissors, adhesive, sandpaper, paint and my kit, I was able to create 5 fast and fun projects while visiting a friend – I couldn’t believe how fast and cute my pages turned out with such simple supplies – I guess eliminate the decision making and that cuts out half of your time spent creating! Great for busy moms!

So make some time for yourself this month and whatever you decide to create - may it be full of love! I am sure it will benefit all of those around you!



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