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Love At Home

For me, Valentines Day brings back painful memories of my teenage years - hoping desperately that the mail would bring me a note from a secret admirer, that the guy I had a massive crush on might actually feel the same way and send me an encrypted message to prove it.

For me, Valentines Day brings back painful memories of my teenage years - hoping desperately that the mail would bring me a note from a secret admirer, that the guy I had a massive crush on might actually feel the same way and send me an encrypted message to prove it. One year such a card did arrive, and I holed away in my room for days fantasizing about who it could be from – but I soon discovered it was the doings of my father wanting to boost my awkward self esteem!

Seeing as I did end up marrying that guy I had the crush on – I’ll stop being a party pooper and embrace valentines day for what it is – a chance to share love with those around you, starting at home!

I’m sure you all have traditions and fun ideas already to do with the kids – bake cookies, make your own valentines to hand out at school and so on. This month I’m going to share with you a family-fun activity and a not-so-G-rated-idea you can create for your lover!

Before you get all hot and sweaty, lets start with the kid-friendly stuff! Who doesn’t love getting mail? Encourage the kids to write notes and share the love all February long with this functional decoration for your home.

You will need:

  • 2 x sheets of felt for each family member
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing machine (or hand stitch)
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  1. Create a heart template from your cardstock, and cut 4 hearts for each family member from the felt (you can use different colors like I have for added interest, of keep each one the same – up to you!).
  2. Layer 2 felt hearts together and sew – I went around each pair twice with my machine (I like the uneven stitching!).
  3. Pencil in your family members initial onto the front of the sewn pair, and go over several times with the machine to form the monogram.
  4. Once you have completed each monogram, lay the hearts in the order you would like them to hang. Sit the monogram heart on top of another plain stitched pair, and pin together.
  5. Cut small pieces of ribbon to sandwich between the hearts and pin. This will string the hearts together.
  6. Sew front and back pairs of hearts together – leaving a wide opening at the top to form heart pockets.
  7. Attach longer pieces of ribbon to each end to string on the mantelpiece or other part of your home!

Keep a small basket or bowl nearby with some little pieces of cardstock, notepaper, pens etc so that throughout the day little people can draw or write notes to ‘post’ inside the hearts. It will be fun to keep checking the ‘mailbox’ to see what is inside. This is a great way to keep the kids busy and happy together while you work on other things…

…such as…a raunchy little mini-book for your one-and-only! Come on, it’s valentines day and I can’t think of any other time of the year that I would strip down to the bare essentials with a couple of girlfriends and giggle uncontrollably as we take photos of each other to make a secret book for our loves! Now, I’m not talking playboy stuff here (my mother might be reading this), but some ‘tasteful’ and downright creative outfits and poses might just be the makings of the most exciting gift ever.

Amidst hysterical laughter, my friends and I hosted our little photo shoot (“are the curtains closed – eeeee!”) and were grateful for digital cameras (DELETE!) and home printers! One friend went quite to town with her wardrobe choices – her husband’s work uniform, his unbuttoned shirt and tie, a strategically placed laptop…you get the picture. The kitchen also proved to be a highlight for the shoot to take place, why – artfully placed coffee mugs and little aprons could hide saggy bits and leave the rest looking quite spicy if I do say so myself!

Once the shoot was over (which was quite sad really, as we had become braver and braver as the morning wore on!), we printed off the photos and got to work adding them to the pages of a little chipboard album with amusing commentary and lots of red embellishments! One friend even went the extra mile and carved a ‘secret’ hollow into an old hardback book to place her raunchy mini-book inside so it could sit innocently on the bookshelf!

So whatever your crafty little self feels like this valentines, have a ‘love’ly month creating, sharing and feeling the love at home!

Emily ☺



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