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Laundry Help - Basket Storage

I need all the laundry help I can get, and I'm hoping that laundry basket storage could be the first big step in organizing the situation.
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First of all, I'm a huge fan of Ana White, who made her name figuring out how to build pricey furniture from places like Pottery Barn and then sharing those plans with you and me. I owe my dining table to her.

When I saw her idea of building a laundry basket dresser for her laundry room, I flipped out. This is exactly what I need to help get my laundry under control.


I need all the laundry help I can get, and I'm hoping that this could be the first big step in organizing the situation. I could finally assign every member of my family their own laundry basket and get their help keeping up with their mountains of dirty clothes.

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For her full post including building plans! Click here

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