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Kids Cross Bridge Walking to School

Children around the world have very different walks to school. Check out these amazing journeys and share how your kids get to school.
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I ran across the craziest pictures of these Indonesian children crossing a broken suspension bridge over perilous waters while walking to school. Check out this video:

Know what I'd rather do? Walk to school uphill both ways.

Beawiharta / Reuters - from MSNBC

Beawiharta / Reuters - from MSNBC

The children face an extra 30 minutes added to their already 3 mile walk to school if they try to use the next closest bridge. But these kids around alone: children around the world brave many challenges to get to class.

In southern Ghana, a project brought tricycles to the communities of Kodzeto and Dzenyena to help children who were walking 9 miles, round trip, to school every day. As you can imagine, so many of the children were too tired from walking that far (especially the little ones) that it affected their learning. Plan Ghana helped arrange large transport tricycles to help get the children to school every day without taxing their bodies.


In one China’s Xinjiang Uyghur region, these children walk 125 miles to school through mountains, gorges, over boulders, fording rivers. According to the translation I read, they make the journey in September and then make their way back home in June. Take a look starting at 4:50.

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I even read a story where parents had to walk their children to school on the North side of St. Louis because of wild stray dog attacks.

However, in most of the U.S., fewer children walk to school than ever because we're afraid of a 1/2 mile walk with sidewalks and crossing guards? Go us.

In New York City, more than half a million kids use regular public transportation to get to and from school. My kids walk to a bus stop where they catch a ride to school on buses provided by the school district.

Tell me, do your kids walk to school?

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