Keep on knitting…

As the knitting knits on…I’m astounded by all there is to learn!
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I’m not the fastest, the best, or even the first to catch on to any of the techniques, but I am enjoying all that I’m accomplishing.  Jan Chamberlain and Deb Woodbury are the best instructors ever and they are always there to help us all with our struggles, questions, and grunts.  Most of the ladies have finished their scarves and moved on to the yarning pastures of project #2 a.k.a. – a hat.  My scarf has not yet come to be finished and wrapped around my neck.  Thank heavens for the knitting guild so that I can continue on my project with some much needed assistance.  Several of the ladies joined the guild after attending the course and with out wonder…it’s a really fun atmosphere to be in and there are numerous things to keep learning in the world of all things knit!

update:  I’ve crossed over to the ‘guild’ side and my scarf is so close to being done that I can almost feel it’s warmth!  Next I’m going to tackle a sweater…and yes I will try it on and show and tell my photo when I accomplish this feat!



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