Interview With Bremerton’s Swiffer Commercial Family

Interview With Bremerton’s Swiffer Commercial Family

So you know when you see a commercial with a family and they are all talking about x-y-z and you wonder if they are a real family?   The Saunders Family from the Swiffer® commercial…you know, the one where the mom goes “The rain. The mud. Ba Bam!”…are a real family.

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They live in Bremerton, which makes us neighbors and a fellow military family, so of course, I jumped at the chance to interview them.  Read on as Kinda and her family deal with moving to our area as a new duty station and climate.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! Please tell our readers a little about yourself and your family and where were you stationed before?

KS – Hi! I’m Kinda Saunders and I’m just a real life Southern belle transplanted to Washington! My family and I are originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When my husband Charles joined the Navy, he immediately did two back to back deployments with the John C. Stennis out of Bremerton.

When the carrier returned to dry-dock in Bremerton, my daughter Lola and I moved up here, so this is our first duty station. We love Washington, but there were some things that we had to adjust.

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We are a military family ourselves; how do you keep yourself and your family balanced (or at least try to ) with all the major life changes we go through like deployments and duty station changes?

KS – Well, being that we are a fairly new military family we are still working thru a lot of the life changes that we are encountering. We struggled thru our first deployment in 2012 because my husband was right out of boot camp and A-school and then he was gone for 7 months! I had no time to mentally prepare and I didn’t know about any of the awesome resources the military provides like the Ombudsman or the Fleet and Family Readiness Group or even the Family Care Line.

We have since become more military savvy and we are learning to take advantage of the resources provided. However, one thing that isn’t getting easier is the constant shift in friends as people move away. My 7 year old daughter takes it the hardest. This summer she is seeing all her new friends move to other duty stations and she’s really bummed. I’m still trying to find ways to help her through the hardship.

Hey, it’s not raining! What great places have you discovered that you love to visit or do you have a summer bucket list?

KS – Yesss! Honestly, Washington in the SUMMER is awesome. It is much more comfortable than the scorching Louisiana summers to which we are accustomed. Ok, so, my family and I are all about exploring and enjoying as much of the Northwest as we can before they ship us off! Right now we are a bit like long term tourists so of course we are obsessed with Pike Place Market, The Crabpot Restaurant and the original Starbucks.

We also visited Leavenworth and stayed in a rustic cabin which was so great. We enjoyed fishing in Lake Wenatchee and Stevens Pass was a hoot because we had never seen snow! We also took a day trip up to Mt. Rainier and freaked out because we were in shorts and flip-flops and Paradise was being pummeled in snow! Remember we are from Louisiana which is completely flat so we completely forgot to prepare for the elevation.

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I do have a bit of a bucket list so I’m working on seeing the Fremont Troll, Edith Macefield’s house that inspired the move ‘UP,’ getting our crabbing licenses ASAP and the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park in Aberdeen.

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We’ve been a lot of places, but Bremerton is on our bucket list…any must-dos when we make it out there?

KS – Bremerton or B-Town as my husband jokingly calls it,  is cool because it’s small enough to make you feel cozy but big enough to keep you and your kids entertained. We like to stroll down Harborside Fountain Park, the fountains are beautiful.  A lot of times we sit out there and talk about the days we may own a yacht like the ones in the dock. My daughter is really into creepy crawlers so there is a Bug Museum here which she loves.

For my husband’s birthday I took him to Northwest Paintball Park which had great facilities and lots of land to make for authentic feeling games. It’s always fun to try out a different “hole in the wall” restaurant and the “ma and pop” places. We are often surprised because these places have much more flavor and flare than the big chains and franchises we all know. My advice is get out there and explore, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks so much Kinda, for sharing a little of your life with our readers!

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Speaking of which, Swiffer® sent me their famous green box for a little cleanup of my own.  No, it doesn’t show up like this as in the commercial, it comes in another box.  But just as cool anyways.

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I am well familiar with the Swiffer® wet/dry mop system; it’s the Dusters I’m really excited about.  I’m not going to lie, I’m the dirty-t-shirt-and-furniture-polish kind of gal.  I do have a duster for cobwebs, etc. but I never saw myself as the type to buy fancy duster stuff.

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That has all changed, because the Dusters seriously hold onto dust and get in the nooks and crannies my t-shirt can’t get into.  I even had the boy use it to dust the car’s dashboard and front panel.

Yeah, you know your dashboard has ‘dust me’ written into it.  No? Just me? Oh well…I’m in love and  it will never look like that again.  Especially since I can send a child out to do it, without worrying about him spraying polish and cleaner everywhere. Ba Bam!


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