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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies

We've rounded up our picks for holiday gifts for your girlfriends, sisters, and the other kick-butt women in your life.
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We've rounded up our holiday gift guide for ladies and the other kick butt women in your life. Sisters or girlfriends, who wouldn't love to slip a little prezzie to each one to tell her "Thank you" for being there?

I love everything in Darlybird's shop, but her accessories take the cake. They're perfect for younger women who love pops of color and anything vintage or unique. Just look at her Vintage Mila necklace made from vintage Czech glass beads:

vintage mila necklace

Since not all of us can trade for a real piece of fur like The Bloggess, the Pottery Barn Ombre Faux Fur Throw  is your friend's chance to glam up her house (because it totally needs it.)

ombre faux fur throw

Here’s a fun pair of earrings I’d share with my sister or friends. I don’t think you can go wrong with Sundance jewelry.

three plus three earrings

I'm completely obsessed with Michael Kors anything (he just gets women) but I can't take my eyes off his rose gold watches. Can you imagine your friend's face if she opened up that beautiful box and found one of these? I can't even stand it.

michael kors rose gold watch

I think the best place to find unique and beautiful jewelry at good prices is I can't bear going to the mall jewelry stores anymore because it's all so boring and the same, like nobody's changed their designs since 1986. How about these alternatives that any of your sisters would love?

hammered dangle earrings

Hammered gold dangle earrings by CocoBijou

jade necklace

This jade necklace with a sweet pink flower from Zafirenia.

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emerald green infinity scarf

Keep your bestie nice and cozy with this beautiful emerald green mohair infinity scarf.

I'm crazy for this IKAT clutch from bagboy.

Can you even? I want to get one for every girl I know and maybe some I don't know.

ikat clutch

What girl couldn't use a gorgeous pair of leather gloves? I'm always partial to driving gloves; they're so chic, yet edgy, and never go out of style.

orange leather driving gloves

You could go to the grocery store and get a box of stale chocolates to give to your girlfriend, because, you know, you're sick of her and wish she would drop dead. OH, you LOVE her? Show her with real chocolates. Crazy good chocolates. I recommended these to a friend who called me with her mouth full of chocolates and eyes full of tears. Leonidas are so good they'll make you CRY.

What will you be buying for your sisters, college roommates, or friends this year?


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