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Friday Round Up: Summer To Do List Edition

Inspiration from around the web on making the most of a stay-close-to-home summer.

I usually post a seasonal “to do” list, but I’d scrapped the idea because I figured, with a wee babe that can only stay awake for an hour or so, we’d be lucky to get our grocery shopping done, let alone some big adventure. But I’ve seen quite a few summer fun lists online and I’ve been inspired.

This is my “how to make staying close to home seem super fun list”...each week we’ll:

-Make a treat.

-Do something creative.

-Try a new dinner dish.

-Rent a new (to us) movie.

I was going to add “shower daily” to this list, but then I thought, “hey now, let’s not get TOO ambitious with this here list”.

Obviously, I’ll be using the trusty interwebs to help me find recipes and projects and here are a few that will make the list...

This smoothie shared by Cathy Zielske is going to become a morning staple.

These Oreo pops are first on the list. I think Golden Oreos dipped in milk chocolate are more my speed though. VIa Hip Hip Hooray

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“Super Sliders”? Sounds like a home run.

My girl will love to make these butterflies out of coffee filters. Finally! A craft item I actually have.

Here are a few posts that inspired me, made me smile and made me think.

Tara Whitney brings back OPAM.

Need a smile. Read this.

Some interesting thoughts on educating our kids.

And, just because I’ll be keeping close to home doesn’t mean that you have to! Go enjoy National Get Outdoors Day.

Get Outdoors Day

What’s on your summer list? Any movie recommendations you want to share?

Have a great weekend. :)



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