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Family St Patricks Day Roundup!

We've gathered the crafts, foods, and free printables to celebrate a family St Patricks Day!
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I can't believe it's already time to find our green outfits and dig through the cabinets to find the green food coloring. I'll admit that the idea of rainbow or green colored foods freaks me out; St. Patrick's Day morning I make the green pancakes for the kids and don't eat a single one.

It's a good thing our designer has been working over time to create free St. Patrick's printables for me to use. The table will look super festive with the shamrock garland hanging over it (no matter what the color of the food is.) We've also gathered the crafts, foods, and other ideas to celebrate a family St Patricks Day!

Printable Leprechaun hat and beard  sounds like a ton of fun for my preschooler. He's going to be thrilled.

Printable template for a paper hat and beard for a leprechaun costume.

Printable Shamrock Pennant Garland


Printable Shamrock Tags. These would be cute for school parties or a little plate of cookies for a neighbor.

Preview photo of printable shamrock tags and charms

Rainbow Leprechaun treasure hunt from Crafting Chicks

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Rainbow fruit plate with gold coins looks like a fast way to celebrate.


Throwing a St. Patrick's Day party, from the drinks to decorations.


Irish-ish tunes to spin at your St. Patrick's Day party.


Leprechaun traps, rainbow cupcakes, and shamrock prints.


Pot of gold craft for little hands.


Hope this helps you plan something fun for your family's St. Patrick's Day!


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