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Fabric On Your Walls

Although my heart says “Anthropologie!”, my budget says “make it yourself, and cheap.” And so I turn to my trusty friend – fabric, to make my walls smile.

I’ve been a long time fan of fabric. I like to sleep on and under it, cover my thighs (and more) with it, wrap my sweet babies all snug in it…you get the idea. I’m a lover of the designs, the texture, and the color! Although my heart says “Anthropologie!”, my budget says “make it yourself, and cheap.” And so I turn to my trusty friend – fabric, to make my walls smile. Some fabric can be costly, but not if you are smart about it. One of the first sections I head to when hitting up a thrift store is the linens to scour for cool old sheets, blankets and tablecloths. Larger items of clothing with a cool design can be chopped up and used for your crafty needs, in fact – before you spend your hard earned cash turn to your own wardrobe! I have a box in the garage of old clothes I love (but lets face it, it fit me when I was 17 and these childbearing hips will never be the same again), but cannot bear to say goodbye to. I repurpose them! When buying fabric buy small amounts of your favorite (if expensive) stuff, and find cheaper fabric to pair with it. Or fabric shop with a friend to split the yardage up, that way you get more designs for your money! There are so many fun ways to use fabric around your home, aside from curtains and pillows. Here are a few of my new favorites…


I’ve been busting to fill some embroidery hoops with fabric as a wall decoration after seeing the idea pop up all over the place and I wasn’t disappointed. With a friend who had just moved into a new (and rather large) home, her walls became my first victim – and they won’t be my last. Instant gratification is what you get when you buy some $1 wooden embroidery hoops from the craft store and fill them with some scrummy-yummy fabrics. Poke some pins or thumb tacks into the wall, hang them up and step back to admire your masterpiece! Try different sizes (and maybe shape) of hoop, and place them with varying widths from one another for random coolness.

Once you make your first set of hoops there will be no turning back. Those boxes of precious baby clothes you have stashed away to bring out and reminisce? Chop them up (I’m serious!) and put them in a little hoop collection on the wall to always enjoy! If your kids have cute clothes they have outgrown or stained, save the nice parts or design on the shirt to use as decoration. My friend’s daughter had outgrown her favorite tank top, so I cut it up and it now hangs proudly above her bed and suits her room perfectly!

Fabric in frames

I like to do things the difficult way. Instead of printing a picture and then finding a frame for it – I’ll buy some random frames, let them sit around my house for several months and then maybe put them on the wall, blank, and hopefully before the year is out put some photos inside. With the impending shame of visitors coming to stay and judging me over my empty frames on the wall, I did what a girl has to do – I found the first attractive thing to show into those frames, and that was some fabric from my stash. I loved it so much (and received compliments from said visitors), that when I did get around the photo-printing thing I couldn’t bear to take down all the fabric. So I have a lovely mix of photos and fabric – cozy, I say!

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And you know, when you return home from a trip to a faraway and exotic land with fabrics…and you know you will never actually make curtains from them like you had planned when haggling for the best price (not until the kids leave home anyway), I give you absolute permission to hack them up and put them into large, cheap (I’m talking Ikea people) glass frames for some fun on your boring old wall.

Pretty shelves

It’s too bad that Home Depot doesn’t sell fabric by the yard. It would be your one stop shop for all home improvements. Shelving brackets? Check. Wood for shelves? Check. Staple gun? Check. Fabric? Well, I’m confident you have some at home, or know where to find some, don’t you? By neatly (and you know I don’t use that term often) wrapping your fabric around the shelf, like gift wrap (folding in the corners) and stapling in place on the back edge, you can create gorgeous bookshelves, craft shelves…um, shelves to hold all your new fabric…?

Crazy quilt-y collage

So now you have made all these super-duper projects with fabric, what to do with all those fussy little scraps you have left over? Throw them out and commit crafter sacrilege? No, no, no people…you make a funky little canvas for your wall! Slap some paint on the canvas, add a few photos of your precious littles and then ‘fill in the blanks’ with all kinds of colorful craziness! Start with the larger scraps of fabric, adhere them down (I use gel medium or mod podge), and then keep going until not a centimeter of blank canvas can be seen! Add buttons and hand stitches for extra little details and cheer up a corner of your home with your creation!

(Styrofoam balls wrapped in fabric strips with the end secured by a pin or hot glue gun) Have some fabric fun for me!



Crop On

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Layered Frame Wall Art


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