Epic Birthday Celebrations: Chuck E. Cheese's Style

Or, "All of the ways it's so much better to host a kid's birthday party somewhere other than my house!"

When my first child turned one, she had a birthday blow out. I thought of everything there was to think of, and I lovingly tended to each adorable Pinterest tiny detail. Let's just say I worked so hard that I think I actually might have been sweating at her party (which was in February) just from the effort alone. It was first birthday magical, and I even have the photo book to prove it. I'm actually tired all over again just from thinking about it.

Fast forward to today. She's eight, and she's the first of three. There are no Pinterest parties happening in this house. In fact, and not to sound like birthday Scrooge, but I don't really want to have a birthday party at our house. I think it was the cupcake with the hot pink frosting that landed face down on the living room carpet in 2013 that sealed the deal. When it comes to a birthday bash, I like a "destination" party, to be specific, a destination anywhere besides my own home.

Epic Birthday Celebrations Chuck E Cheese Style4

It took me a few years of midnight Pinterest pain to figure out that your kids will have just as much fun at a party that is thrown for you, and there's a lot of value in returning home post-party to frosting free carpeting.

Enter Chuck E. Cheese's.

Epic Birthday Celebrations Chuck E Cheese Style1

When it came to this year's bash, we talked about several ideas from bowling to a trip to the movie theatre, but her eight year old mind was already set, and it was set on Chuck E. Cheese's. It couldn't have been easier. With a convenient online reservation system, I booked her birthday party in my pajamas about five minutes before I hopped into bed. It was quick and easy, and I've certainly spent way longer on Pinterest combing over Frozen themed snacks. 

I was also thrilled to learn while still in my jammies that Chuck E. Cheese's has partnered with Kids Play Safe. With a focus on protecting the health and well-being of children, Kids Play Safe certifies local businesses who are committed to cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals ensuring that children are playing in a safe space. 

Epic Birthday Celebrations Chuck E Cheese Style3

My party booking was getting better and better. 

Epic Birthday Celebrations Chuck E Cheese Style2

Party hosts can choose from a variety of birthday party themes including: "Party Like a Rock Star," "Dressed in Pink Party," "Sports, Sports, Sports" and "Chuck E. Super Fan." I knew she would be all in on "Sports, Sports, Sports" so I picked our theme and moved on to the three different price and package levels including Star, Super Star and Mega Super Star, all designed to fit your party expectations and budget with add-ons including goody bags. 

Epic Birthday Celebrations Chuck E Cheese Style5

If you prefer to party with Chuck E. Cheese alone and without other kiddos in your party space, there's a perfect VIP experience for you. The VIP birthday party experience allows guests to have the entire party area to themselves without the crowds before the restaurant opens for 90 minutes. Looking for the perfect birthday treat? Chuck E. Cheese's offers brand new cakes with colored sprinkles, sweet frosting and rich cake. 

Because let's face it. What's a party without cake?

Epic Birthday Celebrations Chuck E Cheese Style4

We had an amazing party host who anticipated the need of each and every guest. Kiddos ran and played for two hours, only to take brief breaks for pizza, an incredible ticket blaster experience and to dance the morning away with Chuck E. Cheese himself. When the last ticket was counted and redeemed and all of the presents were packed up in the car, I heard the whole way home about how it was the best birthday party that she had ever had. With no facedown cupcakes on my living room carpet, I had to agree.

This post is sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese's, but my words and feelings about the epic birthday party experience are all my own.