Daddy's Little Buddy

My husband is not your typical stay-at-home dad. He enjoys being with our son even on days that are more challenging than others...

"Men who are at home with their kids don’t have the tight knit community that mothers do. And so often they feel like they are the only ones doing this. It’s starting to become not so abnormal to have a father staying home with the kids due to the economy. For us, it was more about what is best for our family financially at this time..." Read more at Arizona Mama


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Daddy’s Little Buddy

My husband is not your typical stay-at-home dad.

The lone birthday donut.

Healthy Living for Mom: The Buddy System

My husband is now officially on the bandwagon. He’s eating well, working out, and even hiding food!


Celebrate Father's Day - All Month!

Make Father’s Day extra special with four fun ways to enjoy the day.

Chris and some of his five children

Deer Hunt Tales

My son Hugh asked me to tell him a story at bedtime a few nights ago. I think I’m a pretty good storyteller, but I realized that all my stories are geared toward adults. Not that they are super dirty or anything (except the best ones)...

Daddy’s Shoes – A Father’s Day Tribute

Little boys and their dads need each other.

Science Buddies

As part of Monte Vista High's Science Alliance, Drew Bell was one of more than 200 volunteer mentors helping some 245 San Ramon Valley District fifth-graders prepare for an annual April science fair.


What I've Learned From From My Dad

As my dad, he's taught me to expect great things. Not by telling me all of the time that I was destined for greatness, but by making me feel like I am smart, talented and capable of great things.

Learning to Write

Emi is ambivalent. She is five years old, losing her baby-fat and gaining the responsibilities of a kindergartener. At school she loves the thrill of being in "K," though she is anxious over the newness of it all. At home, she revels in her status as an older sibling even as she is bitterly jealous about having to share me with her brother.