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Building some love and fun…

If you’ve ever ‘made’ something yourself you know how much love goes into it and how special that object becomes.
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Well, my friends, that’s the entire concept in a nutshell with the Build A Bear Workshop.

How hip is this:  you go into this ‘all bear infested’, fluffin’ machin’n, one size doesn’t have to fit all, kiddy fantasy teddy bear land.  And bonus!  It’s not over the river and through the woods…it’s all at the local mall.  They have teddy’s and bunnies, hello kitty’s and tigers, owls and puppy’s, and many many more animals and that’s not even touching on the accessories they have in abundance.  My kids peepers basically popped out as we entered this bear dazzling store.  You pick it, stuff it, fluff it, clothe it, name it, love it, and go home with a friend in a darling box and lots of new cherished memories.  They even offer a satisfaction guarantee that you will make the softest cuddliest new friend ever…how cute is that!  They have an amazing website along with the  amazing stores.

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They have three locations in Utah:

University Mall

575 University Pkwy

Orem UT 84097

Fashion Place

6191 S. State St.

Salt Lake City UT 84107

The Gateway

25 South Rio Grande Street

Salt Lake City UT 84101

The website has all the things they offer in store plus you can purchase new outfits and/or accessories for your already built friend online.  You can also ‘bring to life’ your friend…not sure how that works, but I’m going to try it out.  I was also checking out their  -build a parties-  and I totally want to sign up to do one of those hot events for a special occasion….stay tuned for that blog brag about!  I do have to admit that it’s defiantly something to save up for if you have more than one child; simply because it’s tempting to want to buy the entire store (for the kids and YOU).   Waiting makes the heart grow fonder and I know my kids would love to ‘earn’ another opportunity to have a second go at a build!  Go bear crazy and get down to the closest Build A Bear near you!

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Mini Love - Mega Impact

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Valentine hot spots~like where to be and where to get flowers….

Looking for something fun to do this Valentines Day?

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Build a free bear for needy children with Build A Bear’s Stuffed with Hugs

Build a free bear for needy children with Build A Bear’s Stuffed with Hugs, Oct 20-21

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A great learning project for your kids can also be lovely to keep in your home!

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I love to love – don’t you? It really is the nicest feeling in the world – and with February being the month of love, it’s easy to be reminded of those and that which you love and adore!