Baking Soda Vinegar Homemade Volcano

Feel like getting your science on???
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I know we did.  We made a baking soda volcano.  Let’s break it down…

You’ll need:

  • Empty water bottle
  • Salt Dough (recipe below)
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Cookie sheet or tray of some kind {trust me you’ll want the ‘mess’ contained}
  • Curious minds

To start I found my tray.  I placed my empty water bottle in the middle and I built the salt dough around the bottle to hold it in place and hopefully make it resemble a volcano.  Then….

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Add your baking soda.  We put in [per use/we did it a few times] about 1/8th of a cup.


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Pour in your vinegar.  We just poured to ‘erupting’ which was probably equal-ish to the amount of baking soda we used.

Then you get to watch it….

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ErUpT!!!  We had a lot of fun doing this!

Here’s the Salt Dough recipe I promised:

  • Salt Dough
  • *1 cup salt
  • *2 cups all purpose flour
  • *1 cup warm water

~Mix the salt and flour in a large bowl.  Slowly stir in water.  Mix well to dough consistency.  Use your hands to form a ball and kneed until it’s smooth [longer = smoother]

~Use it to make a volcano, play with or make things!  If you are keeping it to play with like ‘play dough’ store in an airtight container and it should last for about a week.  If making shapes you can let them air dry [or use the oven on lowest temp for 2-3 hours] then paint your creations for a keep sake [think Chrissy ornaments!].

Color options:

Mix powdered pain {tempera} in with your flour

Add food colors to your water

Use natural things like cocoa, beet juice, coffee, etc.

{All above options can be messy, but hey messy is fun}