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All the Best for Father's Day

Need a list of gift ideas for dads who aren't into the outdoors or sports? I think I found some sweet swag!

I've got some great gift ideas for the best Father's Day this year! I tried to pick things my husband would actually want, considering he's not much of a sports or outdoors dude. Really, when it comes right down to it, he's kinda geeky. I think I kinda nailed it.

The best sneaks ever made, in his opinion, a new pair of Adidas Campus

Adidas Campus Colors

A printable gift card template


A mini-tie keychain


One share from his favorite company


Maybe the last watch he'll ever need, the Invicta Specialty Subaqua:

Invicta watch

The coolest: Han Solo in carbonite iPhone case

han solo in carbonite iphone case

One more Star Wars thing, OK? This print of a storm trooper dad would be perfect for his cubicle.

star wars proud papa

Bacon is meat candy BBQ apron for your grillin' man.

bacon is meat candy

The most interesting dad in the world...

most interesting dad in the world

Gourmet bacon bundle from the Bacon Freak 

gourmet bacon bundle

Cute Father's Day cupcakes

father's day cupcakes

Make this triple chocolate cheesecake from Mother Wonderful


A candy gram! ('Member those?!) along with a bunch of easy ideas.


Or just WIN him a Sonos Wireless Sound System!


What did I miss?

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geeky father's day gifts


Funky Father's Day Photos

With father's day sneaking upon us, you guessed it - I'm hear to sing the praises of a handmade gift for the special dad in your life! I mean, what man wouldn't want a quilted tie or macrame laptop case to waltz into a business meeting with?


Fathers Day from Pinterest

I have a hard time being creative for Father's Day -- partially because my husband's birthday is nearly at the same time, and partially because I don't like corny presents. Here are some ideas I found in the fabulous world of Pinterest.