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Ali Edwards Says ‘Thank You Mom’

I think of my Mom often during theses early years of raising my kids. I think about what her life was like when she was in her 30’s, the choices she made, the attitude and faith she possessed.
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As a family memory-keeper, I have an interest in looking to the past in helping to shape the stories I share today. I enjoy comparing the past and the present and bringing together stories from yesterday with those of today. The connections between generations are of particular importance to me.


I think of my Mom often during theses early years of raising my kids (a boy age 8 & a girl age 1). I think about what her life was like when she was in her 30’s, the choices she made, the attitude and faith she possessed (and continues to share today). I think about the things she cooked, the hours she spent in the car driving us here and there, the sacrifices she likely made for things she might have wanted in her life, the unconditional love she has always given. I think about how lucky I am that she is my Mom and that I still have her here to tell her how much I love her.

I’ve been lucky to see her connect deeply with my son – a boy with autism who loves fiercely and is fiercely loved. He adores her and my father.

With the birth of my daughter, I find myself reflecting even more specifically on the Mother/Daughter relationship. I find myself hoping that I will be able to cultivate a relationship with Anna in the same loving manner my Mom has with me.

Reaching out and saying thank you to your Mom is really as simple as beginning with a three word prompt, “Thank you for…” and then filling in the blank. So often in this life we attempt to make things much more complicated than the need to be. We get mixed up in the layers of time and hurt and happiness. We forget that a simple thank you can mean so very much.

Here’s what I’d like to thank my Mom for today:

Thank you for teaching me how to make the best popcorn: cooked in a pan on the stovetop in oil. Big bowls of goodness that I now regularly make for my own kids.

Thank you for sharing some of the challenges you’ve had in your life. For entrusting me with your feelings both happy and sad.

Thank you for being a model of the power of prayer.

Thank you for instilling in me the importance of naps and rest.

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Thank you for being a model of forgiveness and moving forward.

Thank you for listening to me share my own challenges as a working Mom.

Thank you for being proud of me and encouraging me to find my own place professionally.

Thank you for loving my children and me so completely and unconditionally.

Mom, when I kiss my kids on the top of their heads I often think of you and say a prayer of thanksgiving for you and all that you have brought to my life.

This post was inspired by Procter & Gamble’s Thank You Mom Reunions contest, that offers adult children the opportunity to give their mom a heartfelt “Thank You” and a chance to win $1000 for a special trip to reconnect with mom. I am participating in P&G's Thank You Mom campaign in conjunction with


Ali Edwards’s passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect. Her art is generated from seeing and capturing beauty in the very basics of everyday life. Conversations, routines, glances, fleeting moments, and memories from a single minute ago to time long past. Ali captures life through the lens of her camera and pairs those images with words on a page that describe, evoke, document, and add meaning from a very personal point of view. Visit her online at



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