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A Community Pulls Together for a Local Mom

“Live each day as if it were the last.”
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That’s typically the advice you hear from mothers all over the world.  What if it wasn’t a hypothetical scenario at all?

For Amy Jackson, a resident of Santaquin, this had always been her creed, but more recently, it has become a reality.

Amy, a 36-year-old loving mother of 6 children, with ages ranging from 7 to 18, was diagnosed on April 15th with a rare form of cancer: Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Lung Advanced Stage IV.  As far as her family knows, the cancer is widespread from brain to bones and her prognosis is grim.

She has been given just a few months to live.

Despite the intense pain associated with the disease, and struggling with the side effects (i.e. hair loss), Amy’s main concern is still for others, which has been demonstrated throughout her life.

Amy is known for her sense of humor, and always had a joke or zany prank for the nieces and nephews – which is why she has been dubbed the favorite aunt.   Her family members joke that no matter where Amy goes, she always runs into someone she knows and warmly greets them.  No doubt it stems from all her years of community involvement and loving service to others.

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This Mother’s Day, more than ever, love and affection will be expressed for Amy.  But there will also be those lingering questions: “Why?”  and “How do we move forward?”

How can YOU help?

Many donation efforts have been put in place for Amy and her family.  Details and updates can be found on the blog Kisses for Amy.

You can purchase a recipe for a delicious Cherry Chocolate Cake as a donation towards Amy – details on cJane’s Guide to Provo

And last but not least, our beloved NieNie has also helped spread the word about beautiful Amy.

This Mother’s Day will definitely be different for Amy and her family, as well as for me, as I have a new appreciation for my mother, and will now really try to “live each day as if it were my last”.

*Information and memories provided by Amy’s loving sister-in-law and a fellow blogging friend of mine:Valerie Jackson.



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